Kate Bennett, MCDEP

Formerly the Anacostia Watershed Restoration Committee (AWRC), the Anacostia Watershed Management Committee was formed in 2006. Its principal purpose is to serve as the technical arm of the Steering Committee. On an as needed basis, the Steering Committee will assign projects or tasks to the Management Committee in furtherance of the restoration effort. Members are program managers and implementers of projects. Major tasks, which require approval from the Steering Committee, include:

1. Developing the watershed-wide Anacostia Watershed Comprehensive Restoration and Protection Plan and assess at least annually whether revisions are warranted.

2. Developing the environmental performance indicators/metrics, to measure the progress of the restoration and assess at least annually whether changes in the indicators/metrics are warranted. This includes the development of a monitoring plan and recommending to the Steering Committee restoration goals for the Partnership

3. Monitoring and coordinating implementation activities of the Partners and routinely report to the Steering Committee on progress. 4. Develop an annual report on the implementation of restoration activities, including challenges/barriers and progress.

5. Briefing the Steering Committee as appropriate and recommending to the Steering Committee initiatives to strengthen the restoration of the watershed.

6. Advising and recommending to the Steering Committee the representation of the Management Committee as well as the creation and composition of other technical and advisory subcommittees or workgroups.