Restoration Progress Dashboard

Goal 1 - Dramatically Reduce Pollutant Loads

Dramatically reduce pollutant loads, such as trash, sewer overflows, stormwater, suspended sediment, nutrients and toxics, delivered to the tidal river and its tributaries to meet water quality standards and goals.

Trash Reduction

51% as of FY 2017

Sewer Overflow Reduction

40% as of FY 2017 (Tidal River)

Stormwater: Impervious Surface Treated

51% as of FY 2017

Total Suspended Sediment Reduction

9% as of FY 2017

Total Phosphorus Reduction

19% as of FY 2017

Total Nitrogen Reduction

5% as of FY 2017




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Goal 1



CSO Reductions














Goal 2 - Protect and Restore Ecological Integrity

Protect and restore the ecological integrity of the Anacostia River and its streams to enhance aquatic diversity, increase recreational use and provide for a quality urban fishery.

Stream Restoration - Miles Restored

71% as of FY 2017

Aquatic Insect Community Health


Fish Community Health


Goal 2


Goal 3 - Improve Fish Passage

Restore the natural range of resident and anadromous fish to historical limits.

Fish Passage Improvement

76% as of FY 2017


Goal 2


Goal 4 - Increase Wetland Acreage

Increase the natural filtering capacity and habitat diversity of the watershed by sharply increasing the acreage and quality of tidal and nontidal wetlands.

Tidal Wetland Creation

100% as of FY 2017

Nontidal Wetland Creation

93% as of FY 2017

Goal 5 - Expand Forest Cover

Protect and expand forest cover throughout the watershed.

Tree Canopy

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