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D.C.'s bag-tax leadership
The Washington Post (11/25/11)
A spectral mist flowed over the Anacostia and its attendant marshes this morning
1003 Gardens (11/25/11)
Prince George's County Council begins campaign for bag tax
Washington Examiner (11/24/11)
Keep the change. Bring your bag. Fight litter.
Gazette (11/23/11)
Completion of the Northwood Chesapeake Bay Trail
WheatonPatch (11/22/11)
New D.C. tunnels, green solutions aim to end sewage overflows into local waterways
Washington Post (11/16/11)
Momentum builds for the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail (11/11/11)
Officials hope new Anacostia trail reduces traffic, connects communities (11/7/11)
Groups piping up about threat of many small drains to water quality
Cheasapeake Bay Journal (11/11)
Filed Under: Transportation DC Maryland Leaders Hope Anacostia Trails Will Connect Communities
WAMU (11/05/11)
'Green' Streets Are Coming to Wheaton
WheatonPatch (11/04/11)
Activists Hope To Clean Up Chesapeake Bay's 'Horror Story'
WAMU (10/31/11)
A geo-tagged tour of the DMV with rapper/ producer Oddisee (10/26/11)
The Secret River in the Nation's Capital
Ocean Doctor (10/17/11)
DC officials celebrate restoration of Anacostia's Kenilworth Marsh
PostLocal (09/27/11)
Anacostia River Trail opening October 1st
WASHCYCLE (09/21/11)
A wild getaway on the Anacostia
Washington Post (09/13/11)
Don't Get Goosed On The Anacostia
HyattsvillePatch (09/13/11)
Fishing on the Anacostia -- Recipe for Toxic Soup?
The Washington Informer (08/25/11)
Anacostia River spill not a threat
ABC2 (08/22/11)
Learn about plans to bring Little Paint Branch Trail to Fairland Regional Park (08/22/11)
Hands-on learning teaches students about the Anacostia
9News (08/18/11)
Tests to identify substance in Anacostia River that sparked oil spill fears
The Washington Post (08/18/11)
D.C. officials: No oil spill on Anacostia River
WTOP (08/17/11)
DC officials say sheen on Anacostia was caused by dust that washed in during storm _ not oil
Washington Post (08/17/11)
No One Really Knows What's Making The Anacostia Shimmer (08/17/11)
EPA joins D.C. to green Anacostia Metro station and intersections
TBP All over Washington (08/12/11)
Washington Gas Sued Over Contaminated Anacostia River Site
Legaltimes (08/11/11)
Sewer overflows down following court settlement
The Washington Post (08/1/11)
Flushing toilets could add to Anacostia toxins
WTOP (07/28/11)
Judge Calls For New Anacostia River Pollution Standards
Anacostia River pollution: Judge orders EPA to pass new standards
News7 (07/26/11)
DC Water GM Says Ruling Could Affect Water Bills
NBC Washington (07/27/11)
Minister Is On A Mission To Help The Anacostia River
WAMU (07/26/11)
Plan calls for restoring Anacostia wetlands and controlling Canada geese Continue reading on Plan calls for restoring Anacostia wetlands and controlling Canada geese
Examiner (07/26/11)
Rain Garden Resources
The Washington Post (07/20/11)
Fire at D.C. marina destroys four cabin boats
The Washington Times(07/18/11)
Federal Judge Mandates Better Clean Up Standards For Anacostia River
Fox Dc (07/26/11)
Dalai Lama to sow seeds of peace at Buddhist ritual in D.C.
Washington Post(07/4/11)
Free Paddling Nights Along the Anacosti
The Hill i
Video Photo DC Bag Tax Raises Over $2 Million in Revenue Since Implementation (07/15/11)
The Corps Network and Planters Unveil New Park in Historic Washington, D.C. Neighborhood
Protesters say Anacostia plunge is cleanup call
The Washington Examiner (06/30/11)
Protesters Take Plunge Into Anacostia River
Fox News (06/30/11)
Anacostia River protesters call for cleanup of polluted Washington waterway
The Washington Post (06/30/11)
Politicians taking a walk, er, swim on the wild side
The Washington Examiner Blog(06/29/11)
Anacostia River cleaner, but could be better
Washington Times (06/08/11)
Festival Aims To Get Kids Outdoors (06/07/11)
Prince George's County Council committee hearing on stormwater bill
Anacostia Watershed Society (05/31/11)
Groundwork Aims To Make D.C. Community Greener
WAMU (06/06/11)
'Canopy keepers' try to make a greener D.C.
Washington Post(06/05/11)
The Yards Park
Washington Post(06/11)
The art of the picnic
Washington Post (06/03/11)
Residents, Volunteers Work Together to Clean Briar Ditch
Riverdale Park- University Park Patch (06/05/11)
Fishing in the Anacostia a Dangerous Alternative for the Hungry
DCentric (05/27/11)
Ospreys nest atop construction crane, shift work on Anacostia trail
Washington Post (05/08/11)
DC Water Awards $330M Tunnel Contract For Clean Rivers Project
Public (05/06/11)
A New Day for the Anacostia River
Chesapeake Bay Action Plan (05/06/11)
When You Make a Mess, Clean It Up: The Federal Government Must Commit Resources to the Anacostia's Restoration
Wealthy D.C. Suburb Adopts Sweeping Bag Tax
Forbes (05/04/11)
A New Day for the Anacostia: A Model for Urban River Revitalization
DC Small BIZ (05/03/11)
Taking Pepco Polluters to Court
Anacostia RiverKeeper (04/26/11)
Anacostia pollution: environmentalists say they're acting in public interest (04/26/11)
Groups seek guarantee for Anacostia cleanup from Pepco (04/25/11)
Anacostia River Report Card: Mostly Fs
Washington City Paper (04/08/11)
A Design Contest for the Anacostia Waterfront?
Washington City Paper (03/31/11)
DC Rocks (2009)
New PBS Documentary Bags the Question (3/28/11)
Our Bay: Meet Jeff Corbin, the new 'bay czar' (3/26/11)
Update: The efficacy of Washington, D.C.'s bag fee (3/23/11)
A lame case against the bag tax
The Washington Post (3/21/11)
Leggett proposes broad 5-cent bag tax in Montgomery
The Washington Post (3/07/11)
How to Clean a River
The Harvard Crimson (2/22/11)
Federal Forests Still Protecting Chesapeake Bay After 100 Years (2/02/11)
CSX strikes $8M settlement with DC for oil leak
Bloomberg (2/09/11)
The (occasional) virtues of nickel-and-diming
The Baltimore Sun (2/08/11)
CSX To Pay For Petroleum Cleanup In Anacostia Tributary (2/08/11)
Prince George's to receive trust fund
The Washington Continent (2/07/11)
Maryland could be first state to adopt fee for plastic bags
The Washington Continent (2/06/11)
Use of Plastic Bags Drops 80 Percent in 2010
The Hoya (2/1/11)
Public to get preview of Anacostia island renovations
The Washington Examiner (1/15/11)
Delaying the inevitable on plastic bags
The Vi9rginian-Pilot (1/31/11)
It's time for Maryland and Virginia to pass a bag tax
The Washington Post (1/25/11)
Public to get preview of Anacostia island renovations
The Washington Examiner (1/15/11)
New Law Makes Federal Government Pay Pollution-Related Fees to States
FoxNews (1/16/11)
Stormwater Management Legislation Hits Home in College Park
CollegeParkPatch (1/13/11)
Washington reduces disposable bag usage by half (1/12/11)
Trail network emerging east of the river
Greater Greater Washington (1/5/11)