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Bladensburg town hall parking lot goes green
Gazette (12/23/10)
D.C. Getting Power to Make Polluters Pay
Washington City Paper (12/13/10)
Top EPA bay official quits: Fox departs for 'dream job' of saving world's oceans
The Capital (12/08/10)
EPA's Chesapeake Bay 'czar' to leave
The Baltimore Sun (12/08/10)
Stream repairs designed to offset ICC's environmental damage
Washington Post (11/25/10)
Ward 7 Great Streets project is underway
Washington Post (11/25/10)
The destruction of Paint Branch Stream (11/24/10)
Smart Growth Names 6 Sites Conservation Priorities
WTOP Radio (10/18/10)
Park Rangers Take 400 DC Students On River Trips (11/13/10)
Surviving the Anacostia: a feat for fish and environmentalists alike
Silver Chips Online (11/11/10)
Taking the greener path
The Washington Post (11/10/10)
Beltsville Agricultural Research Center Takes On Stormwater Pollution
USDA (11/3/10)
D.C. Rolls Out New Anacostia River-Themed License Plate
dcist (11/1/10)
Council Postpones Highly Debated Storm Water Management Plan
RiverdalePark-UniversityParkPatch (10/30/10)
Council rejects employee raises, postpones storm water plan (10/28/10)
The Roots of Washington DC's Green Roof Boom (10/27/10)
New regulation will help clean up Anacostia River (10/24/10)
The Secret to Turning Consumers Green
The Wall Street Journal (10/18/10)
Prince George's may require builders to filter all runoff
The Washington Post (10/14/10)
House of Sweden Explores Smart Growth with Fall Events
Georgetown Patch (10/14/10)
Plastic bags could lead to a new Evanston tax (10/14/10)
Impervious Area Charge is an integral part of sewer service
Greater Greater Washington (10/8/10)
Tax on plastic bags may help clean up our waterways
Daily Tribune (10/8/10)
NRDC, local partners petition DC to use smarter practices to clean up its waterways (10/7/10)
The New Shopping Bag Tax That Is Doing Its Job A Little Too Well (10/6/10)
Team of D.C. teens races in national dragon boat competition
The Washington Post (10/5/10)
Senate approves Anacostia islands bill (10/4/10)
UDC Partners with Anacostia Restoration Group (10/4/10)
D.C.'s Anacostia River goes on a trash diet
Miami Herald (10/4/10)
D.C. Enforces 'Pollution Diet' on Anacostia River
Earth911 (10/1/10)
Is the Government Trying to Weasel Out of Paying Water Taxes? (10/1/10)
Edmonston's Green Street Gets Congressional Red Carpet
CityBizlist Baltimore (10/1/10)
CSX Transportation to pay D.C. $7.5M for environmental cleanup of rail yard
The Washington Post (9/30/10)
Anti-trash campaign targets Potomac watershed
The Wall Street Journal (9/30/10)
Federal gov't won't pay part of D.C. stormwater fee (9/29/10)
It's a Scary Time to Be a Weed
The Wall Street Journal (9/29/10)
D.C. Nabs Two Islands
NBC Washington (9/28/10)
Planning Board Approves Landy Development
RiverdalePark-UniversityPark Patch (9/24/10)
'Trash Pollution Diet' Announced at 5th Annual Potomac Watershed Trash Summit
PR Newswire (9/24/10)
Would you pay a nickel for a grocery bag?
The Christian Science Monitor(9/27/10)
The D.C. Bag Tax Is Working
NBC Washington (9/28/10)
Bag Tax Keeping Anacostia River Cleaner
WAMU (9/26/10)
Trash-free Anacostia?
Washington Post (9/26/10)
Anacostia cleanup goal at issue
Washington Post (9/27/10)
Tax Decreases Plastic Bag Use (9/24/10)
Anacostia Development Boom Tied to River Cleanup
Southern Maryland Online (9/12/10)
D.C. riverfront finally taking shape, with opening of Yards Park
The Washington Post (9/12/10)
EPA to D.C.: Clean Up!
Washington City Paper (9/10/10)
Fenty, Gray use Anacostia River for campaign stops
TBD (9/7/10)
Environmental Groups Accuse Fenty Administration Of Stifling Anacostia Rehab
WAMU (9/8/10)
Environmental Groups Still Waiting on Bag Tax Funds For Anacostia Cleanup
Fox News (9/7/10)
Anacostia Watershed Society Receives $50,000 Grant
RiverdalePark-UniversityParkPatch (9/5/10)
On this site in 1897 nothing happened: Anacostia Tributary Trails
WashCycle (9/6/10)
Recent EPA enforcement actions intended to send message to polluters
Chesapeake Bay Journal (9/10)
Hiking Along with Children
Homeschool Montgomery (9/10)
Md. accuses Konterra developer of pollution violations
Washington Post (8/28/10)
On Anacostia, the river with AWS.
Good Hope (8/28/10)
EPA Announces “Green Streets-Green Jobs” Pilot Grants for Anacostia
EPA.GOV (8/25/10)

August Steering Committee Meeting

Maryland snakeheads take a turn--for the worse
Baltimore Sun (8/19/10)
Flash Flooding and Tons of Trash: The Anacostia River After Thursday's Storm (8/13/10)
Wells Run Cleanup May Continue (8/11/10)
Advanced bio-filtration system promises less Chesapeake pollution
Physoorg (8/9/10)
Smelly Stream Problem ID'd, Not Fixed
nbc washington (8/4/10)
State, county investigate possible oil leak in Hyattsville
gazette (8/3/10)
Residents Worry Creek Will Flood Homes (8/3/10)
Trail funding leads to many benefits
gazette (7/29/10)
Anacostia River Town Gets Makeover with Clean River Approach
DC MUD (7/26/10)
Stream Studies Carry Local Elementary Students Closer to Science (6/24/10)
Green Scene: Rain gardens help conserve water in summer droughts
Washington Post (7/10/10)
Groups target invaders lest we can't see the forest for the weeds
CheasaPeake Bay Journal (7/10)
Federal government balks at paying D.C. sewer levy
Washington Post (7/5/10)
New trail will connect Prince George's Co. to D.C . (6/30/10)
Fixing Anacostia Pollution Won’t Be Quick (6/29/10)
Kingman Island Anacostia
DC Metrocentric (6/30/10)
D.C.'s Green Map
2ndgreenrevolution (6/26/10)
Breaking a promise to protect D.C.'s tree canopy
Washington Post (6/27/10)

June Steering Committee Meeting

HOW I SEE IT: Picking up momentum in war on trash
star (6/11/10)
Debate: Plastic Bags -- Tax or Ban Is the Only Question (6/7/10)
Forget 'Swimming in the Potomac,' Let's Learn from the Anacostia (6/3/10)
What the Waterfront Would Look Like if Designed By Middle Schoolers (5/22/10)
Brightening town with ‘green' (5/20/10)
Bag Tax Funding Restored to River Cleanup (5/19/10)
Anacostia River Water Trail Guide available (5/2/10) (5/10)
D.C. Residents Take on Polluted River
CBS (4/22/10)
Bag tax: Local action, global import
The Baltimore Sun (4/22/10)
EPA Proposes “Next Generation” Storm Water Controls in Clean Water Permit for Washington D.C. (4/21/10)
O'Malley: Anacostia River will go on 'trash diet' (4/12/10)
Leaders unveil restoration plan
Gazette (4/22/10)
Council President Floreen, Montgomery Council Present ‘40 Environmentalists in 40 Years’ Awards Recipients
Montgomery (4/20/10)
Officials unveil $1.7 billion plan to clean Anacostia River
The Washington Post (4/20/10)
Giant Food and Anacostia Watershed Society Celebrate by Helping Our Earth
Plan unveiled for restoring DC's "Forgotten River"
The Baltimore Sun (4/20/10)
Anacostia River Restoration Plan To Be Released
NBC (4/19/10)
Anacostia River cleanup gets long-term blueprint
The Washington Examiner (4/19/10)
Officials Unveil Anacostia Cleanup Plan
ABC (4/19/10)
Leaders announce Anacostia restoration project
WTOP (4/19/10)
Restoration plan released for Anacostia River
WTOP (4/19/10)
Bagless D.C. benefits big (offline) (4/12/10)
Washingtonians are bailing out their river, not their government, with bag tax (4/8/10)
UM student group wants greener East Campus (4/8/10)
It’s Easy Being Green: D.C. Bag Tax Benefits Local River
Center for American Progress (4/7/10)
Plastic Bag Bans Show that Change Is Possible -- and Easy (4/7/10)
House-Senate panel OKs easing pollution curbs
The Baltimore Sun (4/7/10)
Senate Panel Approves Controversial Storm Water Regulations
NPR (4/7/10)
Fenty proposes to use bag tax money for street sweeping (4/1/10)
Did D.C.'s Bag Tax Work? (4/1/10)
The Checklist: A to-do list for April in Washington (4/1/10)
Plastic Bags Used in DC Drops From 22 Million to 3 Million a Month (3/31/10)
D.C. bag tax collects $150,000 in January for river cleanup
Washington Post (3/30/10)
Nickel Power: Plastic Bag Use Plummets in Nation's Capital
ABC NEWS (3/30/10)
Advocates Trying to Fight the Holmes Bill (HB 1125)
Where are you Planted (3/30/10)
Plastic Bags and Econ 101
Mother Jones (3/30/10)
Legislative 'bloodbath' forecast on runoff controls
Baltimore Sun (3/25/10)
DC Bag Tax Nets $150,000 For Anacostia River Clean Up
WELoveDC (3/30/10)
Sweeping Away Bay Pollutants in D.C. (3/28/10)
Md. environmentalists split over stormwater pollution rules
Washington Post (3/24/10)
Snowstorms Triple Trash in Anacostia River (3/9/10)
Plans envision "green street" for C Street, NE
Greater Greater Washington (3/9/10)
A disposable bag fee for the Bay?
The Baltimore Sun (3/10/10)
Anacostia Clogged with Post-storm Debris
ABC 7 (3/8/10)
Capitol Riverfront: Still Growing
NBC ( 3/8/10)
Safety Concerns Over RFK Stadium Snow Piles
NBC (3/10)
A storm-water cleanup fee in your future?
The Baltimore Sun (3/2/10)
EmeraldPlanet - The Anacostia in the 21st Century and Beyond (2/28/10)

February Steering Committee Meeting

Md. lawmakers propose delaying, weakening storm-water pollution controls
The Baltimore Sun (2/18/10)
Tax in the Bag (2/16/10)
Washington D.C Bag Tax Expected To Reduce Trash In Chesapeake Bay Watershed Area
All Headline News (2/17/10)
Montgomery County creek to be restored with state funds
The washington Post (2/16/10)
Plastic checkout bags in crosshairs again
The Baltimore Sun (2/15/10)
As D.C. blizzard melts, waterways could see influx of salt, chemicals
Earth News (2/16/10)
Weekend In Review: Tommy Wells On Race And The Bag Tax
Washington CityPaper (2/15/10)
Plastic bags linger as Richmond dithers (2/15/10)
Opinion: Paper, Plastic, or Neither?
AOL News (2/15/10)
Rapid melting of record snowfall could harm waterways, aquatic life
Washington Post (2/13/10)
City takes steps to control floating litter from stormwater runoff
The district's bag tax: a small price to pay
The GW Hatchet (2/08/10)
The ever-growing costs of pollution in the Chesapeake, Anacostia
The Washington Post (2/07/10)
Crews cleaning up sewage spill at Greenbriar wastewater station
Washington Post (2/3/10)
Anacostia River shows decades-long failure to improve water quality, ecosystem
Washington Post (2/2/10)
Washington, D.C. Becomes First U.S. City to Impose Fees on Disposable Grocery Bags (1/25/10)
D.C. shoppers opt for roughing it over paying 5-cent bag tax
Washington Post (1/23/10)
Five-cent highway robbery? Bag fee sparks rebellion (1/23/10)
The bag that keeps on giving
Wisconsin State Journal (1/24/10)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and The Conservation Fund Announce Nationwide Partnership to Protect Water Resources (offline) (1/23/10)
County Council members criticize ICC changes (1/21/10)
New Md. rules on storm runoff assailed
Baltimore Sun (1/18/10)
Pr. George's to hold meeting to discuss water, sewer resources
Washington Post (1/13/10)
Pr. George's decries loss of environmental projects for ICC
Washington Post (1/15/10)
The D.C. Bag Tax: Collusion against Consumers, Wrapped in Green
New bag fee prompts mixed reactions
The GW Hatchet (1/14/10)
District's New Bag Fee Sparks Confusion
A tip of the hat, a kick in the pants
Where are the plastic bag fees going? (1/7/10)
District Bag Tax Hits Raw Nerve (1/7/10)
Jonetta Rose Barras: Bagging the bag (1/7/10)
Free Tote Bags From the Golden Triangle BID (1/6/10)
A Capital Idea: Bag Fee to Reduce Litter, Clean Up River in Washington, DC (1/5/10)
Plastic bag fees: How did Washington, D.C. beat Portland? (1/5/10)
D.C. bags wasteful shopping habit with tax on paper and plastic (1/2/10)
Patrick Gleason: New D.C. bag tax won't accomplish much (1/3/10)
Bag tax has supporters, critics (1/3/10)
D.C. First to Impose Fee to Use Disposable Plastic, Paper Bags (1/1/10)