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New Year Brings New Fees, Taxes in D.C. (12/31/09)
Reusable bag incentive begins in two days (12/31/09)
Bagging pollution (12/30/09)
Girl Scouts Help Shoppers Go Green, Save Green (12/29/09)
DC Bag Tax Takes Effect January 1 (12/29/09)
Departing society director reflects on efforts to clean Anacostia River (12/17/09)

December Steering Committee Meeting

Wooded Hillock: Our tipping point (12/13/09)
WSSC, U.S. EPA, Area Leaders Kickoff Landmark Infrastructure Renewal Project (12/07/09)
DC Shoppers Will Pay Bag Fee to Save Anacostia River (12/05/09)
Laurel considers new ways to manage effects of stormwater (12/03/09)
A little piece of a greener world
Washington Post (12/02/09)
Washington Examiner (11/27/09)
PG County Town Home to One of the Nation's Greenest Streets
NewsCheannel 8 (11/24/09)
Administrator Jackson Tours Recovery Act-Funded “Green Street” (11/24/09)
City prepares for bag fee
Washington Times (11/17/09)
Washington Business Journal (11/16/09)
DC to give out reusable bags
Washington Examiner (11/16/09)
Reusable bags distributed to educate D.C. about new bag fee
Washington Post (11/16/09)
D.C. lands $38.9M in stimulus funds for water work
Washington Business Journal (10/20/09)
September Steering Committee Meeting

More than 1,000 freshmen help out in service event
The GW Hatchet (9/14/09)
Keeping the Anacostia River clean
WTOP (9/11/09)
EPA’s Urban Waters Service Day to Mark End of President Obama’s United We Serve Summer of Service (8/31/09)
To save the sea (and its living creatures) use tax policy and good practices to end the plastic legacy (8/30/09)
August Steering Committee Meeting

Jonetta Rose Barras: Water works
Washington Examiner (8/23/09)
Best Picnic Spots by the Water (8/6/09)
Put the hot summer on ice (8/6/09)
D.C. is Giving Green to go Green - on Your Roof
Channel 8 News (8/5/09)
Washington, D.C., Bans Use of Coal-Tar Pavement Products Containing Toxic PAHs (7/7/09)
D.C. mayor signs bill setting disposable bag fee (7/7/09)
June Steering Committee Meeting

Efficient environmentalism
Diamondback Online (6/25/09)
Five cent bag tax wins final council vote
Washington Business Journal (6/16/09)
FOX 5 Top 5
Fox News (6/16/09)
News Channel 8 (6/16/09)
D.C. Council gives final approval to bag tax bill (6/16/09)
UM Students Build Natural System to Reduce Anacostia Pollution and Flooding (6/16/09)
Community takes measures to reduce pollutants in Northeast Branch of Anacostia River
Gazette (6/11/09)
It's 5 cents in the bag (6/11/09)
UN Calls for Global Ban on Plastic Bags
dcist (6/10/09)
Builders protest new erosion control review fees
dcist (6/10/09)
D.C. tax would ban free use of plastic bags
The Washington Times (6/3/09)
Paper or Plastic? D.C. Council Votes for 5-Cent Tax on Both.
The Washington Post (6/3/09)
Md. Receives $121.6 Million in ARRA Funding for Clean Water Projects
Southern Maryland Online (6/2/09)
State receives $122 million for water projects
The Baltimore Sun (6/2/09)

April Steering Committee Meeting