Committee Chair Photo
Former Partnership Steering Committee Chair Frank Dawson (MDDNR) thanks former members of the Steering Committee for their hard work and dedication—from right to left: Chairman Dawson, former Chairman Steve Pattison, former Citizens’ Advisory Chairwoman Mary Barber, and former member Carol Kennedy-Hearle.

The Anacostia Watershed Steering Committee was created in 2006. Its principal purpose is to provide policy, program and financial oversight: for the ecological restoration and protection of the Anacostia watershed, including: 1) approval of the annual work program and budget for the Anacostia Restoration Executive Director 2) the Anacostia restoration support activities of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG). Importantly, the Steering Committee sets the overall direction of the Partnership and establishes the overall goals and objectives. Members are senior level individuals responsible for policy decisions. Major tasks include:

1. Recommending for adoption by the Leadership Council a watershed-wide Anacostia Watershed Comprehensive Restoration and Protection Plan. This includes recommended policies, programs, priorities and budgets to effect implementation of the Comprehensive Plan.

2. Defining the organizational structure of the Partnership, including expansion of the Steering Committee and Management Committee membership, creation and modification of technical, policy and advisory committees as required.

3. Adopting a Funding Strategy to effect implementation of the Comprehensive Plan.

4. Adopting an Outreach Strategy to promote stakeholder involvement in the development and implementation of the Comprehensive Plan.

5. Adopting, and pursuing funding for, an annual Work Program and Budget.

6. Reviewing implementation progress and providing updates to the Leadership Council at least annually.