AWCAC members conversing at Bladensburg Waterfront Park
Mission Statement:
The Anacostia Watershed Community Advisory Committee (AWCAC) was formed in 1996 by the Anacostia Watershed Restoration Committee (AWRC) to serve as its citizen arm. The AWCAC, which is comprised of 18 representatives (six from each of the following jurisdictions: District of Columbia, Montgomery County and Prince George's County), is dedicated to the protection and restoration of the Anacostia River and all of its tributaries through education, stewardship and advocacy. The AWCAC facilitates dialogue between diverse interest groups, the community at large, and the AWRC. Other major functions include: advising the AWRC on its multidimensional Anacostia watershed restoration efforts; providing input on the AWRC's yearly work plan and budget; informing the public of Anacostia-related activities; promoting advocacy and coordinating environmental stewardship within the Anacostia watershed community; and serving as a vehicle for promoting public awareness and knowledge of, as well as broad public support for and participation in, the Anacostia watershed restoration effort.