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The citizen-based committee is comprised of an 18-member Board comprised of six representatives from each of the three jurisdictions (Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, Maryland and the District of Columbia) of the Anacostia Watershed. The qualification for membership on the AWCAC is an active interest in the effort to restore and preserve the Anacostia Watershed. Membership in a local civic association or environmental group active in the watershed is desirable but not essential. AWCAC meetings are open to all interested persons.

To apply for AWCAC membership, submit a statement of your interest in representing your area to:

Cary Coppock, AWCAC Chair
Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, Suite 300
777 N. Capitol Street, N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002-4201

or e-mail it to AWCAC

For more information contact Aubin Maynard (COG) at 202 962-3233

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